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Dear... Love, Sis

Sistering - si-stɘr-iŋ/verb

Origin: New African American Vernacular English or Black Vernacular English Sis, Sista, Sistah

An intentional practice; An accrual of relational freedom and accountability; technologies of nourishment and interdependent agency; in architecture: To affix a beam or other structural member to (another) as a supplementary support 



In July, 2087 a mover (they/them) is journaling on and offline. They've recently lost their sister. Online, they find video archives of their grandmother in the 2020s. Grandmother, a little girl then, is with a friend, an elder. They weave themself into those past lives. Braiding them together, they are all sistering, still.

Dear… Love, Sis (2021), is MKArts's first dance, short film by MK Abadoo and Judith Bauer, with co-direction from Torian Ugworgi. The film is a time expansive exploration of sistering technologies over generations. Also including young dancer and film artist, Ella Abadoo, in her dance short debut, three generations braid together their intersecting worlds of joy, grief, dreams, love, sisterhood and unicorns.

Dear… Love, Sis,  was made possible by a commission from the Dance Exchange, as a part of their inaugural Dance On Creative Aging Festival. 

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